Existing Research

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Ann Collier, Ph.D. 

The Well-Being of Women Who Create With Textiles: Implications for Art Therapy

Well Being and Art Therapy.pdf Well Being and Art Therapy.pdf
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Rejuvenation in the “Making”: Lingering Mood Repair in Textile Handcrafters

Rejuvenation and Lingering Mood Repair.pdf Rejuvenation and Lingering Mood Repair.pdf
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Marco Wolf, Ph.D. 

DIY Projects as Path toward Female Empowerment in a Gendered Marketplace

     The role of women as homeowners and heads of households are changing the dynamics in which women engage in do-it-yourself (DIY) behavior. Because there is limited extant theory associated with female involvement in DIY behavior, a qualitative study using in-depth interviews was conducted. Through grounded theory analysis several themes emerged during the coding process, and the themes of empowerment were especially relevant to our informants. Five dimensions of empowerment were identified: empowerment through project initiation, production mastery, adding economic value to goods and services, unleashing creative potential, and empowerment through ownership. The findings show women’s involvement in DIY behavior and the consumption of DIY related goods are closely tied to the concept of female empowerment.

Wolf, M., Albinsson, P., & Becker, C. (Forthcoming). DIY Projects as Path toward Female Empowerment in a Gendered Marketplace. Accepted       in Psychology & Marketing.

Circumventing Traditional Markets: An Empirical Study of the
Marketplace Motivations and Outcomes of
Consumers’ Do-It-Yourself Behaviors

Wolf and McQuitty 2013.pdf Wolf and McQuitty 2013.pdf
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Understanding the do-it-yourself consumer: DIY motivations
and outcomes

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